We guarantee outstanding and Exclusive campaigns at highest possible CPL. Our in house creative and development teams are equipped and trained to deliver immediate and sustainable results. We have our own lead platform with real time reporting and offer weekly payments. We are available 24/7 to assist our publishers and believe out partner’s success is our success.

We value our business relationships. The goal of Equi Digital Media is to build relationships and achieve our business goals. We’re not in business for short-term gain. We want to earn publishers for life. But achieving that goal takes more than just “doing a good job.” It calls for nothing less than a total commitment to developing lasting relationships. It demands an investment of time, a true understanding of our clients’ wants and needs, and a long-term, strategic outlook. Understanding, communication, and respect are the cornerstones of any good relationship.

What Can You Get From Affiliate Solutions?

We provide our partners with various support and solutions such as account management, referral programs, client support and bi-weekly payments. We take advantage of our website’s traffic by leading customers to our merchants. We, at Equi Digital Media, have all the customizable solutions you need in promoting your business through both text and graphic advertisements. Our customizable solutions will provide you an Accurate proprietary lead tracking system and an easy access to all your accounts.

Equi Digital Media also promises to provide you a 24-hour Client Service and support made up of:

  • A group of professionals dedicated to help you solve problems in various aspects of your business.
  • A number of Professional Account Managers that are experts in the Lead Generation Industry.

With the Equi Digital media’s Bi Weekly Commission, payments are given after every thirty days, depending on the offer and the Affiliate’s earned revenue. If the affiliate is earning over a thousand dollars, payments can be made weekly or bi weekly. For more details about payment methods, please contact your account manager.